Longaberger Basket and Finder Service

Longaberger Baskets HANDMADE from Hardwood Maple in the U.S.A.

Cox Market

Longaberger Baskets are HANDMADE from Hardwood Maple in the U.S.A.! The superior quality of the Longaberger Basket makes them very versatile and highly collectable.

At Cox Market you will find Retired  baskets.  What are retired baskets?  They are baskets that are no longer available through catalog or home ordering.  

We want to make your shopping experience easy and comfortable, so we have taken measures to guarantee your order will be SECURE and SAFE. If you would rather pay by check or money order, we have provided a printable order form for your convenience.

Looking for something special?  Let us help -- fill out the Basket/Bear Finder form and we'll see if we can find exactly what you are looking for.


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